Feminism INCLUDES intersectionality. If you purposefully exclude colored women, disabled women, trans women, muslim women, poor women, and queer women, you are NOT a feminist. If you choose to ignore the intersectionalities that shape a womans life such as her race, gender identity, sexuality, and class, you are NOT a feminist. If your feminist agenda ONLY touches upon western rape culture and sex positivity, you are NOT a feminist.

POZ Playlist: Front Porch Step



Front Porch Step is about to head out on the Pure Noise Records Tour. Jake is doing a PropertyOfZack Playlist for the tour. Check out the songs and listen along to the Playlist below

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Robin Hood theory- Gangstarr
one of my favorite songs from my all-time favorite rapper. this is not just lyrically mesmerizing but the beat is something i love to drive to. thats the main reason i chose most of these songs. they’re just so fun to listen to and nod your head to.
In love with the 80s - Relient K
very high contender for catchiest song in the world, in my book. i love this band so much and i hold them in the same regard as blink-182, home grown, Allister, New Found Glory, and fall out boy, but feel they never got the true recognition they deserved because of religious beliefs, which is dumb. Matt is a genius.
12:51-the strokes
i love Room on Fire in its entirety but had to pick one song, so i chose the first song i ever heard from it. the irony of my straight edge self, driving down the street with my windows down, screaming “WE CAN GO AND GET 40’s!” at the top of my lungs makes me laugh.
Death grip- turnstile 
one of the most energetic, and amazing hardcore bands to exist, and i feel so blessed that they are apart of my generation. i feel like 10 years from now I’m going to be telling younger kids about seeing Turnstile in a hockey rink in my town. step 2 rhythm is amazing and this song just rips.

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